Katherine Healey


Depth Hypnosis

Depth Hypnosis is a highly effective counseling model in dealing with a wide variety of symptoms and challenges. Because the Depth Hypnosis process understands that all symptoms are teachers that help clients find their way back to balance, it can address issues on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. From phobias, addictions, attention deficit disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, birth trauma, autoimmune issues, panic disorders, and severe depression.

We use a deep meditative state to move beyond the busy, conscious mind without losing any awareness of the experience. This process helps unravel the patterns in our lives that keep us from showing up fully. It allows a deeper understanding of the self and how to live a more authentic and empowered life.

Everyone is capable of healing and everything is “healable”. This work has allowed me to unwind harmful patterns in my own life and release them, as well as understand the root issues of a debilitating chronic illness.

We do not have to live in suffering. We get to choose something different. My goal is to assist clients in learning how to heal themselves and live a life beyond the shackles of our past, beyond our imaginations.


As a practitioner Katherine exudes an earnest commitment and dedication to the path and to developing right relationship around healing, that she may give by learning to be filled first. Her ability to hold space for the client with compassionate firmness and organized scaffolding of the process comes through strongly. She weaves a strong container for the process to unfold within.
— P.S.
Receiving a Depth Hypnosis session from Katherine was like receiving 10 other healing modalities all at once. She had such a gentle yet direct way of assisting me in the process. In a matter of minutes, we were exactly where I needed to be, to be able to receive the full healing I needed. I, myself, am a Spiritual Wellness Practitioner, and I am careful to choose my own Spiritual healing and help wisely. Katherine is a master of her craft, creating both a safe place for me to relax into our session and an outcome that was deeply potent and moving. I recommend Katherine to anyone who has ever been curious about Shamanic Healing or Hypnotic practices. I trust her and she is truly a gift!
— L. H.
When I came to Katherine for my first Depth Hypnosis session, I wasn’t sure what to expect, honestly I was a little nervous. Luckily I knew Katherine from her previous work facilitating workshops, and I knew she had extensive knowledge in how to guide people through deep experiences.

As soon as we began I started to feel more at ease. She creates such a comfortable and safe environment and is very energetically and emotionally aware.

During our session, she helped me move through some core issues in what seemed like no time at all and the insight I gained was profoundly helpful.

I’m very grateful for the work we’ve done together so far and I will definitely be back.
— R. S.
If you’re looking to get to the root of an issue or something you’re struggling with quickly, you owe it to yourself to contact Katherine.