I began training under Dr. Isa Gucciardi, PhD at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream in 2017. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, and am currently training in Advanced Shamanic Counseling practices.

I graduated from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2007 with a degree in Communications and Sociology.

After college I worked as a social worker in the Illinois foster care system. I also spent seven years facilitating large workshops in high schools both nationally and internationally, focusing on social emotional learning and trauma informed care. I enjoy working with all ages, as well as healers and seekers who are trying to find their way.

My life has been dedicated to helping others recognize the power they have. While we can appreciate the beauty, the lessons, and growth in our journey, we don’t have to carry our past pains into the future.